ActivHeal Dressing For Wound Care

ActivHeal dressing

Blood pressure determination is important to assess as it confirms that all the body parts are reaching the adequate blood flow for proper functioning. The pectoral as well as pelvic regions are counted in this type of medical procedure. The common way of evaluating the blood flow is by conducting test with help of ABI Doppler which is in particular performed for legs. This type of pre-testing is extremely helpful considering the health of normal as well as patients. Many cardiovascular risks can be prevented if prior blood level testing is done. This also helps to assess the conditions of legs in case of diabetes and aging of an individual. On the other hand, the most simple and easiest medical care which in some cases do not even require of a medical professional is the dressings. ActivHeal dressing is a similar type of name which is given to a wound care service which is applicable for a slight cut to a deep acute wound. This moisture filled dressing material is compatible with the affected wound area which helps in protection from environmental germs, eventually speeding up the healing process.

ABI Doppler

Systolic blood level determination for the pelvic region of human body is important medically. This can be easily confirmed by the ABI Doppler analysis performed by doctors, clinicians and even nurses in hospitals. This is a machine which evaluates the normal or extreme cut-off values of the blood flow in the brachial and tibia arteries of the legs. The optimum range observed by ABI Doppler in a healthy human is about 0.9 to 1.4

A value of ABI Doppler which is found to be below 0.9 is considered to be a risk for future cardiovascular diseases or diabetes complications. The ankle brachial index with such higher abnormal values can also indicate the possibilities of arteries blockage in the legs, inhibiting the substantial flow of blood in the pelvic parts of body.

ActivHeal dressing

Wound protection is the most common medical treatment applied in any type of health care center, hospitals and clinics and even at homes. It is usually mediated by the application of dressings in the affected area. ActivHeal dressing is a type of approach which is regulated on the same principle of creating wound environment highly protective from foreign attacks.

ActivHeal dressing is ideal for healing of wound as it maintains a moist atmosphere around the premises of wound or injuries. It is affordable, easily available and skin-friendly product which is recommended under the safety protocols of doctors. This is a 2 layer dressing care layer which strictly prohibits the entry of bacterial entities in the wound place, creating a barrier from the external germ environment.


ABI Doppler is a machine-based test which is used to determine the systolic blood flow level in the pelvic region of human body. On the other hand, ActivHeal dressing is referred as the brand developed moist dressing material which is applied at or near the wound for healing purposes.

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