The Disability Support Services Of Your Choice


At CBCHS, we believe that everyone should feel respected and empowered to take responsibility for their lives and strive to be their best selves. In our ideal society, everyone is respected and regarded as an individual with the ability to create opportunities for both themselves and others.

Assistance at home

Personal care, assistance with daily living activities, household management, and domestic help are just a few of the disability services Melbourne we can offer at home. We can help you gain the skills and capacities you need to live as independently as possible.

  • Daily household tasks like meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, and other household duties
  • Daily personal activities and personal care, such as assistance with dressing, bathing, and using the restroom
  • Community nursing services, such as wound care, medication administration, and assistance with travel to appointments
  • More convenient connections to family, friends, and the community, all from the comfort of your home.


Our goal is to empower you to live the life you want by offering disability services in Melbourne that are high-quality, long-lasting, and adaptable, promote human rights, and create opportunities.


Everything we do for our participants, their loved ones, and their support network is based on our core values.

  • We at CBCHS Disability Services Melbourne are sincere and genuine in our interactions with one another.
  • Inclusiveness – We value variety, respect individuals, and uphold equality.
  • Responsibilized for our acts and held accountable for all of our work.
  • Our solutions are imaginative and customer-focused.
  • Bold in speaking up and resolute in overcoming obstacles.
  • Respectful of your preferences and open to variety.

Our Group

Our staff members are dedicated about genuinely improving the lives of individuals like you. They care a much. All of us at CBCHS Disability Services in Melbourne are dedicated to promoting independent lifestyle choices.

Your choice of disability support services

We believe that you should be able to live the lifestyle you desire. We offer a variety of disability Melbourne support services, both at home and in the community, that are focused toward promoting your independence and catered to your needs.

  • Individualized disability supports and services, regardless of your age, gender, or background.
  • Individual support and disability workers who are qualified and experienced
  • Reliable, punctual support personnel

We have several years of experience offering top-notch handicap support services. Our entire skilled personnel has years of expertise in their respective fields. You can rely on CBCHS to provide you with the best assistance possible.

We’re Committed

Assisting participants in defining their own goals, assisting them in achieving them, encouraging them to follow their interests, and helping them develop independence are all priorities of CBCHS Disability Services Melbourne.