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Top Bathroom Vanity Trends

bathroom vanities

No matter you have one, two or more bathrooms in your home what you often focus on is the master bathroom. You will definitely love to make it a completely serene and comfortable zone of your interiors. As it is a personal space so you will love to give it the look that speaks of you. If you are planning to remodel the bathroom then it is important to learn about all the existing trends related to bathroom vanities. It is important to make the bathroom look very difference after the renovation and this is possible only when you bring in the new and the latest to the interiors.

Here are some recent trends related to the bathroom vanity units in melbourne which will make the space look impressive with a completely new look.

The hues and shades

In current times the choice of colors has considerably changed. Instead of getting the colors that are for a specific interior setting the shades of white, grey and ebony are in. they will go well with all kinds of interiors being neutral options. These colors especially the white give a wider look to the entire space. Ebony makes a great choice for the countertops along with the option of white. If you change the color of walls frequently then forget about replacing the vanities again and again as they do pretty well with all the setups.

Be open to shelves

Instead of installing the closed conventional-looking closets and cupboards, it’s time to be open to changes and switch to open shelves. This will give your bathroom a spa-like look. The space gets a wider impression due to the open shelving as well. You can get the bathroom vanities with an open shelf at the bottom. It is even possible to get one fixed on the walls.

Experimenting with sinks

Visit a popular hotel or restaurant. You will not find the typical sinks there. The recent additions in the bathrooms include the vessel sinks. Over the last few years, this trend has gained a coin among the homeowners who believe in trendsetting and style. They are not just fun but also an impressive mode of adding your personal choice which helps you customize the things in your bathroom the way you want.

Float for fun

It is another growing trend in bathroom vanity units. Although this kind of sink is just right for the commercial units but for those seeking some awesome looks in the homes this can be a great choice for the bathrooms as well. They make the space look spacious and add an unmatched glamour especially if the bathroom is small in size.

Switch to under-mount sinks

The overmount vessels are no longer in use the under mount sinks are easy to clean and give the place an impressive look. These sinks are even easy to clean.


Go natural

Marble and quartz are much preferred materials in current times. These sinks are bright and light in weight. The design is even smooth and easy to maintain. Once they are added you can have the professional spa like feel whenever you step into the bathroom.


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